Broken knees and theme parks

I apologize that it has been such a long time since my last post, but it has all been entirely too hectic of the late. I had my first experience with Ladies Night a week or so ago. For those that don’t know, Ladies Night isn’t actually just one night; it is actually several nights in several different locations in which women get to drink for free. Yup, absolutely free. One more time, free-ninety-nine. Think about how dangerous that is in general, and then think about how dangerous that is for someone like me.

Needless to say, it was an experience in itself. We had a two day public holiday (celebrating National day-ironic considering all the people protesting against China) in which we did not have work. Knowing that I could never do a Ladies Night and make it to work fully functioning the next day, this was the perfect opportunity to experience Ladies Night. I was fully aware that I could semi-die and have the rest of Thursday to recuperate. Perfect plan. Until I took a step off of a bar (no, not a bar table, an actual bar- yeah, I’m that girl) and landed straight onto my knee. When I tell you my knee was swollen and bruised- that would be the understatement of the year. But of course did that stop me? Nope. My knee was probably the size of a baseball and purple to boot, but do I let that ruin my night? You had damn well better believe I didn’t. Instead, we all found a bar open what I have to assume is all night- conveniently called Dusk till Dawn (I think?), and danced away until dawn. The MTR stops running around 12:45-1 AM ish, and starts again around 6 am. So if you are already out around 3 and having a good time, somehow it makes logical sense to continue dancing and be merry until the MTR starts running again.

Don’t get me wrong- I had a great time. I danced and drank and danced some more. They played songs that I could sing along to and dance along with- it was great. We stayed as a group, got Mcdonalds at 6 am, and then took the MTR home. Let me paint you the lovely image that I was at 6:30 am on the train. In last nights dress, make-up that was probably all gone and gross from dancing all night, and bruises all up and down my legs, basically limping home, as the sun was coming up. Even my doormen couldn’t help but laugh as I walked through the door- I was quite a sight.

Now, if I had just gone home like any normal and sane person after falling and iced my knee- I probably would have been fine. Instead, I stupidly decided to spend my night dancing and ignoring my knee- and I am still paying the price for that. I had a grand total of 5 massive bruises all up and down my legs. I had to wear pants to work everyday so I wouldn’t scare my kids with how bad my legs looked. Somehow I managed to fall in a way that not only bruised my one knee, but also bruised the back of it, and my thigh on my other leg as well as both of my shins. Yup- I was a mess. My knee was so purple that it was almost black and so swollen I could barely walk. I couldn’t make it to the hospital to get it drained because getting to the hospital would require walking, and that wasn’t an option. To this day I still live in fear that something will knock into it because its still bruised, however it has been fine until I had the brilliant idea that spending all day on my feet at Ocean Park would be wise.

Yup. Not so much-currently re-swollen and being iced as we speak. Would I do it all again though? You betcha. Ocean Park is almost like a milder form of Six Flags in terms of rides- but the setting of it is SO much cooler. It has two parts basically. One at the bottom of this mountain base that has aquariums and a panda enclave and all this cool stuff. Then you take a cable car up to the top, and you get to the area that has a ton of awesome rides and such. The cable cars were a trip on their own:


HOW COOL IS THAT?! And so you will look over at one side and you have rides and awesome roller coasters and you look over the other side and you see this:


Talk about stunning. So anyways, the rides were fun and all but clearly have nothing on the Raging Bull or Superman back home. Honestly though, that made it that much easier to go on. As someone who is horribly terrified of roller coasters/scary things, me willingly going on a ride is a pretty big deal. I kept telling myself “I survived Raging Bull, I can survive this.” I actually enjoyed the rides quite a lot. My favorite was probably the hair raiser that took you over the side of the mountain and you had the sea on the other side; not that you noticed any of that as you were flipping and turning along. For reference, Raging Bull:






Quite a bit of a difference- especially in scenery, however fun nonetheless. This place had super fun rides that took you upside down and all around. I also quite enjoyed the swings because, lets be honest, I’m secretly 12 years old. There is no better feeling than the ones the swings give you. It’s almost as if you are flying through the air if you close your eyes and spread your arms out. I absolutely loved it.

With it being October and this close to Halloween, Ocean Park had a lot of Halloween-esque activities. There were scary and awesomely dressed people walking all around for your entertainment. I met this guy- aka new boyfriend:


This got much creepier at night when they would come up to you and scare the crap out of you for fun. They also had haunted houses that were terrifying. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a big baby. I can’t do scary movies without a hand to hold and something to cover my face when it gets to scary. Haunted houses? I need someone in front of me and someone behind me so I can hold both hands and be protected on both sides. None of that changed here. We all went through the haunted house holding hands and screaming together. Honestly, I may have laughed more than I screamed as I watched people in front of me get terrified. Not that it helped seeing where the people were jumping out of- I still screamed and hid, but I enjoyed every minute of it. It got to the point where the very last person I actually pointed at and screamed “NO, I KNOW YOU ARE THERE, YOU CANNOT SCARE ME.” Pretty sure I got a good chuckle out of him, but I definitely made my point haha.

Anyways, on top of rides and haunted houses and such, they also had awesome aquariums set up. Now I have a deep love for elephants. If I could run away and live my life on an elephant sanctuary- I would be the world’s happiest camper. However, penguins are taking a close second in my heart. I mean, look how adorable:


Meep. They are the cutest little things. Watching them waddle all around gave me life.

Anywho, all that exploring was as brutal as it was enjoyable so I spent most of today teaching and being exhausted, and now I am finally catching up on my shows (mildly too terrified to watch American Horror Story on my own) and icing my knee like the broken person that I am.

Sorry (not really though) that this is so long.

– Broken but enjoying every minute of it.